Quality, Passion, & Diligence.

Here below is a detailed list of the many photography services I offer along with a commitment to deliver professional images, a creative perspective, and enthusiastic service that will elevate your work and experience.

Fine Art Prints 
for Interior Designers

A wide variety of photographs can be viewed in a well-organized, easy-to-select, catalog specifically tailored to Interior Designers. Full-service framing and mounting solutions for every budget are also offered together with a complimentary consultation to help find just the right solution for your clients’ needs. Prices quoted based on the photo chosen, size, and type of print. Catalog link  here

Business & Company Reportage

Share your company’s story with fresh in-depth images that focus artfully on a more complete view of your people, products, history, and mission. Showcase the details of your company’s work with professional photography that communicates your quality and brand. Compelling pictures, captured through a creative lens, will document the human story and energy of your company. Perfect for use in distinctive annual reports, marketing, and media. 

Social Media Content

I have a great selection of real life, authentic images (with no commercial cliche feel whatsoever). These photos and short videos are ideal for hotels, publications, and travel firms in The Bahamas and South Florida—and anyone looking to spotlight the genuine appeal of their locally-based business. If you wish you can see my Instagram feed to get a feel of my work.


I am available to travel wherever a client needs me to go. I love assignments related to the travel business, local culture, and food.

Travel Consultancy

In case my photos and stories have sparked wanderlust, I would be pleased to use my in-depth knowledge of many places I love and enjoy to create a fully-customized travel plan—a unique itinerary that reflects your tastes, personality, and wishes in discovering one-of-a-kind experiences you will cherish. 

Coffee Table Photo Books

My high quality coffee table books capture special memories, vacations, milestone events, or can add extra polish to your business branding. Designed just for you, this package offers a variety of printing options and makes a wonderful gift.


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